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Fantasia is a 1940 American animated movie generated by Walt Disney and launched by Walt Disney Productions. When it comes to tale direction by Joe Grant and Penis Huemer, and manufacturing supervision by Ben Sharpsteen, it is the 3rd function in the Disney animated features canon. The movie consists of 8 computer animated segments set to items of symphonic music performed by Leopold Stokowski, 7 which are done by the Philadelphia Band. Songs critic and also composer Regards Taylor functions as the movie's Master of Ceremonies, offering a live-action introduction to each animated sector.

Disney chose the movie's idea as job neared completion on The Sorcerer's Apprentice, an intricate Silly Symphonies short designed as a resurgence part for Mickey Computer mouse, that had decreased in popularity. As production expenses grew higher than exactly what it could gain, Disney chose to include the brief in a feature-length film when it comes to various other sectors readied to classic pieces. The soundtrack was videotaped making use of several sound stations as well as reproduced when it comes to Fantasound, a pioneering sound reproduction system that made Fantasia the very first industrial movie displayed in stereophonic audio.

Fantasia was first launched in theatrical roadshow involvements kept in thirteen U.S. cities from November 13, 1940. It received combined critical response as well as was incapable to make a revenue because of The second world war cutting off distribution to the European market, the film's high production costs, as well as the expense of leasing theaters as well as setting up the Fantasound equipment for the roadshow presentations. The movie was consequently reissued numerous times when it comes to its original footage and audio being removed, modified, or recovered in each variation. Since 2012, Fantasia has made $76.4 million in domestic revenue and is the 22nd highest-grossing movie of all time in the U.S. when adjusted for rising cost of living. Fantasia, as a franchise business, has expanded to include computer game, Disneyland destinations, a live performance, as well as a theatrically launched sequel (Fantasia 2000) co-produced by Walt's nephew Roy E. Disney in 1999. Fantasia has actually expanded in reputation for many years and is now commonly acclaimed; in 1998 the American Movie Institute placed it as the 58th biggest American movie in their 100 Years ... ONE HUNDRED Flicks and also the fifth greatest computer animated movie in their 10 Top 10 list.
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In 1936, Walt Disney felt that the Disney studio's celebrity character Mickey Mouse required an increase in popularity. He decided to feature the computer mouse in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, a luxurious animation brief based upon the poem written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and readied to the instrumental piece by Paul Dukas inspired by the initial tale. [14] The concept of matching animation to symphonic music was used as early as 1928 in Disney's cartoon series, the Silly Harmonies, however he wished to surpass the usual slapstick, and also generate shorts where "sheer dream unfolds ... action managed by a music pattern has wonderful appeal in the world of unreality." [15] [16] Upon receiving the civil liberties to utilize the music by the end of July 1937, [17] Disney thought about utilizing a prominent conductor to tape-record the music for included eminence. He occurred to satisfy Leopold Stokowski, conductor of the Philly Orchestra given that 1912, at Chasen's restaurant in Hollywood, and talked about his plans for the brief. Stokowski recalled that he did "like the songs"; enjoyed to team up on the project, as well as supplied to carry out the piece at no charge
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