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The Haunted Mansion is a 2003 American scary fantasy comedy movie [2] based on the destination of the same name at Disney amusement park. The movie was routed by Rob Minkoff, composed by David Berenbaum and also celebrities Eddie Murphy, Terence Stamp, Nathaniel Parker, Marsha Thomason, as well as Jennifer Tilly. It was launched on November 26, 2003 as well as is Disney's 4th film based upon an attraction at one of its amusement park, adhering to the tv film Tower of Fear (1997), The Country Bears (2002), and also Pirates of the Caribbean: Menstruation of the Black Pearl (2003). The movie earned $182.3 million globally on a $90 million spending plan.
Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) is a workaholic property agent whose constant pursuit for brand-new offers leaves little time with his household. He misses his wedding anniversary with his spouse Sara (Marsha Thomason), however making amends, recommending going on getaway to a close-by lake. Beforehand, Sara is contacted by the residents of Gracey Mansion, situated in the Louisiana bayou. Eager to make a deal, Jim drags Sara and also his youngsters Megan (Aree Davis) and also Michael (Marc John Jefferies) to the estate. They satisfy its proprietor Edward Gracey, his stern butler Ramsley, as well as various other employee Emma and also Ezra. When a tornado floods the close-by river, Gracey enables the Evers to remain the evening; though every person safe, Jim is dissatisfied with the concept. Ramsley takes Jim down to the collection to have a talk with Gracey, yet while he waits, Jim gets entraped in a secret passage.

Megan and Michael experience a spooky orb as well as follow it as much as the attic room, where they find a portrait of a woman appearing like Sara. Sara talks with Gracey in the library, that discusses his grandfather hanged himself from despair after his lover Elizabeth Henshaw poisoned herself regardless of their strategies to wed. Jim fulfills Madame Leota, a gypsy lady's ghost whose head is enclosed in a crystal ball, yet she terrifies him away. Jim encounters his youngsters, Emma as well as Ezra, and also go back to Madame Leota for solutions about Elizabeth's similarity to Sara. It is revealed that everybody in the mansion are ghosts, cursed a century back by Gracey and also Elizabeth's self-destructions as well as could only visit Heaven when they are reunited, and also Gracey thinks Sara is Elizabeth's reincarnation. Madame Leota sends out the Evers off to the mansion's large cemetery to locate a key that will certainly reveal the truth behind Elizabeth's unusual death. Jim and also Megan venture into a crypt where they discover the trick, but interrupt its undead residents. They get away with help from Michael. Madame Leota after that advises them to locate a trunk in the attic room, Jim uncovering it to locate a letter composed by Elizabeth to Gracey, revealing she absolutely liked him and also intended to marry him, leading them in conclusion that she was killed. Ramsley all of a sudden shows up, disclosing he poisoned Elizabeth to stop Gracey from abandoning his heritage, believing their relationship was inappropriate. To conceal the fact, he catches the kids in a trunk and throws Jim away from the house, captivating the house so Jim could not barge in and also stop him.
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Gracey and Sara get in the ballroom. He asks Sara if she can identify him which perplexes her. Desperate, he insists to Sara that she is his precious Elizabeth. The room loaded with dancing ghosts of the past which causes Sara to flee. As she runs up the stairways, Gracey exposes his true ghost-self to Sara asking her to understand and that they could lastly be together. She shouts that she is not Elizabeth. Gracey begins to have doubts. But Ramsley insists that it is her as well as in time she will keep in mind. Ramsley determines Sara to get all set for her wedding event to Gracey. Sara rejects but Ramsley blackmails her right into weding Gracey in return for her children's security. Urged by Madame Leota, Jim drives his car with the mansion's sunroom, rescues his children, as well as stops Sara as well as Gracey's wedding ceremony where he provides Elizabeth's letter to Gracey, exposing to him the truth about Elizabeth's death and that Ramsley had existed to him regarding everything those years. Gracey faces Ramsley, that raves at his master's apparent narcissism for caring Elizabeth, and also summons wraiths to kill the team for revenge. Nonetheless, an intense dragon surfaces from the ballroom fireplace as well as drags Ramsley down to Hell for infinite damnation. Sara suddenly falls down, having actually been infected by Ramsley during the wedding, just for the spectral orb come across by the youngsters to appear and have Sara, exposed to be Elizabeth's ghost. Elizabeth and also Gracey reunite, and Sara is restored. With the curse raised, Gracey provides the Evers the estate's deed and also leaves to Paradise with Elizabeth, Emma, Ezra, and also the a few others ghosts.
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