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The Last Unicorn is a 1982 American computer animated dream film routed as well as created by Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass. It was generated by Rankin/Bass Productions for ITC Home entertainment, and also computer animated by Topcraft. Based upon the unique The Last Unicorn written by Peter S. Beagle, that additionally created the film's movie script, the movie has to do with a unicorn who, upon finding out that she is the last of her species worldwide, goes on a quest to figure out exactly what has occurred to the others of her kind.

The movie consists of the voices of Alan Arkin, Jeff Bridges, Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury, as well as Christopher Lee. The musical score and also the tunes were composed and organized by Jimmy Webb, and performed by the group America as well as the London Philharmonic Orchestra, [3] with extra vocals given by Lucy Mitchell. The film made $2,250,000 on its opening weekend break as well as earned $6,455,330 locally
In a captivated forest, a chatting unicorn discovers she is the very last of her kind. A butterfly reveals that a demonic pet called the Red Bull herded her kind throughout of the planet. Venturing into unfamiliar area beyond the safety and security of her residence, the Unicorn trips to locate them and bring them all back.

After her journey the Unicorn is caught by
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the wicked witch Mommy Fortuna, and also is put on display screen in Mommy Fortuna's Twelve o'clock at night Carnival. As the majority of the tourist attractions are regular pets with a spell of illusion put on them (to wit, a toothless lion for a Manticore, a crippled chimpanzee for a Satyr, and a mere snake for the "Midgard Snake"), Fortuna uses a spell to produce another horn on the unicorn's head that the non-magical circus site visitors could see, as they are unable to see her genuine kind. Fortuna keeps the immortal shrew Celaeno hostage too as well as acknowledges the threats of caging such a beast, however regards the risk secondary to the action's acknowledgment and also eminence. While held captive, the unicorn is befriended by Schmendrick, an incompetent illusionist in the solution of Mommy Fortuna. With the aid of Schmendrick, the Unicorn escapes, in the process freeing Celaeno, who eliminates Fortuna and also her henchman Ruhk. The Unicorn as well as Schmendrick later obtain a 2nd traveling buddy Molly Grue, the careworn enthusiast of Leader Cully (the disappointing "truth" behind the Altruistic tale).

When the Unicorn nears the seaside castle of King Haggard, meant caretaker of the Red Bull, she runs into the pet, which ends up being a monstrous fire essential. At the last now before her capture, Schmendrick utilizes his uncertain magic, and changes her right into a human lady with white knee-length hair. In this semblance, the Red Bull is unenthusiastic in her as well as departs. The Unicorn suffers tremendous shock at the feeling of mortality in her body. While Molly covers the Unicorn's human kind in a covering, Schmendrick states that the magic, not he, selected the form, and promises that he will certainly return her to regular after the quest is complete.
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