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Whiplash is a 2014 American independent drama film composed and also routed by Damien Chazelle. Starring Miles Bank employee and also J. K. Simmons, the film shows the partnership between an ambitious jazz pupil (Teller) as well as a violent trainer (Simmons). Paul Reiser and also Melissa Benoist co-star as the pupil's dad as well as love interest respectively. The film opened in limited release locally in the United States and Canada on October 10, 2014, gradually increasing to over 500 screens and also ultimately shutting after 24 weeks on March 26, 2015. Over this time the film made $49 million, against a production budget of $3.3 million.

Whiplash premiered in competitors in the US Remarkable Category at the 2014 Sundance Movie Celebration on January 16, 2014, as the celebration's opening movie. [3] Sony Pictures Worldwide acquired the worldwide distribution civil liberties. [4] At the 87th Academy Awards, Whiplash won Finest Film Editing, Finest Sound Mixing, and Finest Supporting Star for Simmons, and was chosen for Best Adapted Movie script as well as Best Picture.
Andrew Neiman is a first-year jazz pupil at the prominent Shaffer Sunroom in New York. He has actually been playing drums from a young age and desires become one of the greats like Friend Rich. Renowned conductor Terence Fletcher finds Andrew practicing in the music room late one night as well as ultimately invites him right into his studio band as the choice for core drummer Carl Tanner. Fletcher is violent toward his pupils, mocking as well as insulting them; when the band rehearses the Hank Levy item "Whiplash" as well as Andrew has a hard time to keep the tempo, Fletcher tosses a chair at him, slaps him, swears and also shouts at him, and also scolds him before the course.
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At a jazz competition, Andrew mistakenly misplaces Carl's sheet music. Since Carl could not play without it, Andrew actions in, informing Fletcher that he can perform "Whiplash" from memory. After a successful performance, Fletcher ensures him to core drummer. Soon after, Fletcher hires Ryan Connolly, the core drummer from Andrew's previous lower-level class. Andrew believes Connolly is the much less gifted drummer, as well as is exasperated when Fletcher promotes him to core. Identified to impress Fletcher, Andrew techniques up until his hands bleed and also breaks up with his girlfriend Nicole, thinking she will certainly hold him back.

Fletcher tearfully exposes in class that a gifted former pupil of his, Sean Casey, has died in a car mishap. The band practices "Campers", yet Ryan has problem with the tempo. Fletcher puts Andrew, Ryan as well as Carl via back-breaking auditions till nearly 2:00 a.m. while the rest of the class waits outdoors. After kicking furnishings as well as tossing tools throughout the space, Fletcher ultimately decides to offer the placement to Andrew, telling the alternates to "cleanse the blood off my drum set", as well as invites the band back to reboot rehearsals.

En route to the competition, Andrew's bus breaks down with a puncture. He rents out a vehicle but gets there far too late, with the extra awareness that he has neglected his drumsticks back at the automobile rental office. After a dressing-down by Fletcher, Andrew races back to the rental workplace to get the drumsticks. As he speeds up back, his automobile is broadsided by a semi-trailer. He creeps from the wreck as well as shows up on stage, bloody and damaged, however able to carry out. When he struggles to play "Caravan" as a result of his injuries, Fletcher stops the band mid-performance to determine Andrew "you're done". Andrew angrily attacks Fletcher before the viewers, as well as is consequently dismissed from Shaffer Glasshouse.

Andrew meets with an attorney standing for the moms and dads of Sean Casey. The legal representative discusses that Sean hanged himself, unlike Fletcher's lie concerning Sean having died in a car crash, having actually suffered anxiety as well as anxiety during his time as one of Fletcher's pupils. Sean's moms and dads want to avoid Fletcher from ever before showing once again as well as bothering other students the method their son was. Andrew unwillingly agrees to indicate on the condition of anonymity, as well as Fletcher is later on fired from Shaffer Sunroom.
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