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TMNT is a 2007 American computer-animated dream activity film based upon the Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles personalities which were released by Mirage Studios as well as component of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchase. Created and also directed by Kevin Munroe, the movie features the voice skills of James Arnold Taylor, Nolan North, Mitchell Whitfield, Mikey Kelley, Chris Evans, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kevin Smith, Patrick Stewart, Zhang Ziyi, as well as Laurence Fishburne (that offers narrative). It was the last film that Mako Iwamatsu made prior to his death as well as was co-produced by the franchise's co-creator Peter Laird for Warner Bros. Photos. TMNT was the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film made with computer-generated imagery (CGI), developed by Imagi Computer animation Studios, as well as the very first feature movie in the franchise in 14 years. The movie sees the 4 Turtles (Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, as well as Michelangelo) grow apart after their final defeat of the Shredder, when weird points are occurring in New york city City as ancient animals threaten the globe and also the Turtles should reunite to save it.

TMNT premiered theatrically on March 23, 2007, grossing $95 million globally on a budget plan of $34 million. Its release accompanied linkup products consisting of toys, comics as well as video games.
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3 thousand years ago, an Aztec warlord called Yaotl and his 4 generals discover a portal opening right into a parallel universe which is stated to have world power. Yaotl comes to be immortal yet at a high rate, as his four generals were transformed to rock. The site launches thirteen never-ceasing monsters that destroy his army as well as his adversaries. In today, the Adolescent Mutant Ninja Turtles have expanded apart. After defeating the Shredder, Master Splinter has sent Leonardo to Central The U.S.A. for training. Donatello works as an IT professional, Michelangelo works as a birthday celebration event performer called Cowabunga Carl as well as Raphael workings from night as a vigilante nicknamed Nightwatcher. April O'Neil operates a business that locates as well as acquires antiques for collection agencies with the assistance of her guy, Casey Jones.

Throughout a company trip to Central The U.S.A., April encounters Leonardo and also informs him that the turtles have wandered apart. She returns to New York with 4 statues for her client, Max Winters, the wealthiest man in the city. Upon arrival she calls Casey as well as informs him that she spoke with Leo and tells him that Leo's not coming back. Nevertheless a little later Leo does return, and April as well as Casey provide the statues to Winters. Winters works with Karai and the Foot Clan to search the city for the thirteen monsters prior to the portal opens once again. Raphael comes across Casey, that exposes his understanding of Raphael's dual identification and also joins him in hunting offenders.
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